Just Adopt

Your Family Can Change the World

The numbers are staggering.

nate orphanage with kids more pixelsThe statistics are unreal. Overwhelming. There are between 150-200 million orphans in the world, 8 to 12 million of them live in institutional care. On any given day, 39,000 children are forced to leave their homes and live on the street because of abuse by or death of a parent. Unparented children are vastly more likely to be subject to sex and drug trafficking. And the generations that follow have little more hope. These numbers-qua-human lives make me want to take a nap then clean out my closets. You know that purge of old crap that gives you that powerful feeling like anything is possible? Bags of clothes and toys and those damn dusty art supplies that just stare accusingly because I never did have that quality art-making afternoon with the kids. 

But then, closets cleaned, it’s time to cast some light in the dark shadow of these statistics, and find a corner where  I can make some positive change. As the rabbis say, one must stone a  disobedient son to death. Oh, no, not that one. That one’s crazy.150,000 orphans in sub-saharan Africa die of preventable and treatable diseases every year. I meant this one: If you save one life, it’s as if you have saved the whole world.

That’s worth keeping in mind.